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Alice Munro: Friend of My Youth

Betsy and Trevor are moving on to the latter half of Alice Munro's career, starting their story-by-story examination of her 1990 collection Friend of My Youth. This post provides an overview of the book as well as links to the reviews as they post.

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Andrés Barba: Such Small Hands

The starting point for this strange little novel by Spanish novelist Andrés Barba was a ghastly game in a Brazilian orphanage in the 1960s. Trevor takes a look at Barba's Such Small Hands, translated from the Spanish by Lisa Dillman.

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Arthur Schnitzler: Late Fame

Sitting unpublished for over 100 years, Arthur Schnitzler's Late Fame is a welcome exploration of the doors that shut as time passes onward. Published by NYRB Classics this week, Trevor highly recommends it in this review.

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