Anna Kavan: Machines in the Head: Selected Stories

NYRB Classics new selection of stories, Machines in the Head, is a great place to start getting to know the work of Anna Kavan, whose fascinating and troubled life gave inspiration to some exquisite stories.

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Uwe Johnson: Anniversaries

This week marks one of the biggest events in this publishing year: Uwe Johnson's Anniversaries: From a Year in the Life of Gesine Cresspahl is finally here in all of its glory. Translated from the German by Damion Searls and published by NYRB Classics, this is the best book I've read this year (and I'm still reading it!).

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The Collected Essays of Elizabeth Hardwick

Elizabeth Hardwick, who was one of the initial founders of The New York Review of Books, wrote essays and criticism for half a century. NYRB Classics has released a hearty collection of her best.

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